General Internal Medicine Statewide Preceptorship Program

"For the students, I hope they gain confidence in being able to interact with patients, families and staff. I hope that they feel comfortable with getting a history, doing a physical exam, coming up with a differential diagnosis and plan and then presenting the patient’s case. I hope the students will learn how to research medical problems and treatments. Since it might not be another year before further clinical experiences, I hope the students have had a sufficient clinical exposure "to keep them going."

- Dr. Susan Andrew, MD - GIMSPP Emerald Award Winner for 20 Years of Dedicated Volunteer Service to GIMSPP Students

Since 1992, the General Internal Medicine Statewide Preceptorship Program (GIMSPP) has placed first and second year medical students with internists across the state for four-week preceptorships during the student's summer break. Preceptorships are available on a first come, first served basis. Stipends are available to cover cost of living for our students.  See our preceptorship overview page for testimonials from long-time preceptors and more information.

Students ...

Get Experienced.  The student application is open.  Even if you don't know your summer schedule, get your name on the list by filling out the application.  Only students currently enrolled in a Texas medical school may apply.  If you have questions regarding the program, contact Laura Tolin at  Limited stipends are available.  Preceptorships less than four weeks in length will be pro-rated.

Physicians ...

Incentives!  As a valued volunteer preceptor, you will be eligible for one of the following incentives:

GIMSPP Orientation Video from TXACP on Vimeo.

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Get Involved.  If you are available to serve as a preceptor this summer, please fill out the application. Please use this form to let us know your summer availability, and your interest in the preceptorship program. NEW physician preceptors are provided access to our orientation packet and several conference calls with experienced preceptors to get a feel for the program's requirements.


GIMSPP Business Office

C/O Laura Tolin, Texas Chapter of the ACP
401 W. 15th Street, Suite 700
Austin, TX 78701
Phone: (866) 2-GIMSPP or (866) 244-6777 (toll-free)
Phone: (512) 370-1539 (local)
Fax: (512) 370-1693

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