Board of Directors

The Board sets policy and provides leadership for the Texas Chapter of the ACP, including planning strategically for the Chapter’s growth; determining the mission, goals, and priorities; and allocating resources in line with those priorities. Members, Fellows, and Masters of the ACP are eligible for election to the board. Each of Texas’ four regions elects a director, and another director is elected at-large. Directors serve three-year terms and attend quarterly meetings of the board to oversee the activities and programs of the Chapter.


Steven Ray Hays, MD, FACP


Cynthia Jumper, MD, MPH, MACP


Jack Myers, MD, FACP

Governor, Texas Northern

Brenda Vozza, MD, FACP

Immediate Past President

Antonia Davidson, MD, FACP


Cynthia Peacock, MD, FACP, FAAP

Governor, Texas Southern

Directors - Northeast
  • David Auerbach, MD, FACP - Dallas
  • Rainer Khetan, MD, FACP - Dallas

Directors - Southeast 
  • Julia Andrieni, MD, FACP - Houston
  • Tushar Ramesh, MD (Resident SE) - Houston
  • Wilson Lam, MD, FACP - Houston
Directors - Northwest
  • Austin Metting, MD, FACP - Temple
  • Joshua Ronen, MD (Resident NW) - Odessa
  • Laura Cashin, DO, FACP (Far Northwest) - El Paso
  • M. Tarek Naguib, MD, MBA, FACP - Lubbock
  • Thwe Htay, MD, FACP (Far Northwest) - El Paso
Directors - Southwest
  • Homar Bartra, MD, FACP - New Braunfels
  • Jerry Fan, MD (Resident SW) - Temple
  • Ruth Berggren, MD, MACP - San Antonio