The General Internal Medicine Statewide Preceptorship Program Decade of Service Award honors highly active and dedicated preceptors who have taught medical students in their practices for the past ten years. The award is presented to preceptors who have served as mentors to students for at least seven of those years. We thank these devoted preceptors for the time, knowledge, and energy they have unselfishly given to the future physicians of Texas.

Michael K Schrader, MD, FACP

Miguel Ayala, MD
Homar Bartra, MD, FACP
Carmen Gonzalez, MD, FACP
Felicia Jordan, MD, FACP
Jay Jones, MD, FACP
Thomas Mieras, MD

Margaret Hayden, MD, FACP
Michael Marshall, MD, FAAP, FACP
William H. Pieratt, DO, FACP
Aaron Samsula, MD, FACP

Ben J. Barnett, MD, FACP
Pamela Dugano-Daphnis, MD
Lonzetta L. Newman, MD, FACP
Stuart Pickell, MD, MDIV, FAAP, FACP
Khanh D. VU, BS, MD, FACP

Gopinath C. Chandrahasan, MD
Carmelita P. Escalante, MD, FACP, ACP member
Carlos R. Herrera, MD
Wenli Liu, MD
Paraic J. Mulgrew, MD, FACP, ACP member
Ramon Aggarwal, MD
K.P. Ganeshappa, MD, FACP, ACP member
Michelle Ho, MD, FACP, ACP member
Edith Jones, MD, MACP
Ellen Manzullo, MD, FACP, ACP member
Brad Snodgrass, MD, MBA, ACP member
Joel Walker, MD, FACP, ACP member
Mark Farnie, MD
Zafer Hassan Haydar, MD, ACP member
Scott Yates, MD, FACP, ACP member
W. Mark Armstrong, MD, ACP member
N. Perryman Collins, Jr, MD
Frood Eelani, MD
Francisco Fuentes, MD
Brook T. Jimma, MD, ACP member
Gus W. Krucke, MD
Lynn Lester, MD, ACP member
Ana Y. Perez, MD

2009 - View Bios
Syed V. Ahmed, MD
Suresh J. Antony, MD, FACP
Lisa A. Davis, MD
Daniel Y. Kim, MD, FHM
William A. Robinson, Jr., MD
2008 - View Bios
Ambrose Aboud, MD, FACP
Mark L. Bing, MD, FACP
George G. Burnazian, MD, ACP member
Nalini M. Dave, MD
Alan G. Kaye, MD, ACP member
Caroline N. Mbogua, MD
Thuan K. Nguyen, MD, ACP member
James E. Race, MD
Edward R. Sargent, MD, FACP
Randlow Smith, Jr., MD, FACP
Tuyen V. Tran, MD, FACP
Trevor H. Turner, MD, ACP member

2007 - View Bios
John G. Casey, MD, FACP
Delfino F. Garcia, III, MD, ACP Member
Robert E. Jackson, MD, FACP
Philip C. Johnson, MD, FACP
Mark A. Johnston, MD, ACP Member
Prakash P. Kagal, MD
Sheldon L. Markowitz, MD
Patrick McNamara, MD
Ana I. Rodriguez, MD, ACP Member
Francisco C. Rugama, MD, ACP Member
Pankaj K. Shah, MD
Sarah I. Smiley, DO, ACP Member

2006 - View Bios
Michael T. Balch, MD, ACP Member
Kendra L. Belfi, MD, FACP
Mark L. Ginnings, MD, ACP Member
Karen A. Hansen, MD
Allan R. Kelly, MD, ACP Member
Gnanasumathi R. Naini, MD, ACP Member
Steve Rosenbaum, MD, ACP Member
Patricia D. Salvato, MD
Arash Tirandaz, MD, FACP
William E. Tompkins, MD, FACP
Stephen S. Tseng, MD, ACP Member
Larry A. Warmoth, MD, ACP Member
Frederick M. Zaunbrecher, MD, FACP

Cesar Aleman, MD
Susan L. Andrew, MD, ACP Member
Fred C. Campbell, Jr., MD, FACP
Robert L. Fine, MD, FACP
Craig B. Henry, MD, ACP Member
Isabel V. Hoverman, MD, MACP
William M. Mania, MD, FACP
Michael D. Robertson, MD, ACP Member
Enrique Rodriguez, MD
Louis A. Torres, Jr., MD, FACP
Winston E. Watkins, Jr., MD, ACP Member