Communications Committee
Chair: Emran Rouf, MD

The Communication Committee develops original editorial content for newsletter and web site; encourages interactive electronic communication between members; searches out and provides qualified content; determine and implements editorial policies; moderates bulletin boards and list serves; plans strategically for the future development of Chapter communications

Credentials/Membership Committee
Co-Chair: Roger Khetan, MD

Credentials/Membership Committee assists the Governors in reviewing applications for Member and Fellow; promotes membership in TXACP and ACP.

Education Committee
Chair: Cynthia Peacock, MD, FACP, Host Governor

The Education Committee plans the educational program for the Texas Chapter Annual Scientific Meeting held each Fall around the state.

Health and Public Policy Committee
Co-Chair:  Jimmy Widmer, MD
Co-Chair: Alejandro Moreno, MD, FACP

The Health and Public Policy Committee is one of two committees dealing with advocacy issues for TXACP Services. The committee is responsible for legislative issues including medical liability reform, managed care reforms such as standardized contracts and physician negotiation, and scope of practice negotiations. The committee monitors developments in medical practice and health care delivery affecting the health care of patients and the practice of internal medicine and its subspecialties. In addition, the committee advises and directs the work of the chapter's advocacy staff in implementing the chapter's legislative agenda.

Local Nominations Committee
Co-Chair: Cynthia Jumper, MD, FACP
Co-Chair: Amy LaViolette, MD

Local Nominations Committee recruits and nominates candidates to run in statewide elections for Directors and Officers of the Board

Medical Student Committee
Co-Chair: Karen Szauter, MD, FACP
Co-Chair: Maureen Francis, MD, FACP

Medical Student Committee oversees the administration of the General Internal Medicine Statewide Preceptorship Program (GIMSPP); serves as liaison with medical schools; promotes career choice of internal medicine; supports internal medicine student groups; hosts medical student competitions and events during the annual Chapter meeting

Residents Committee
Co-Chair: Suma Pokala, MD
Co-Chair: Austin Metting, MD

Residents Committee maintains active affiliations with all Texas residency programs to promote the choice of internal medicine as a career; increases participation by Associates and residents in Chapter activities; promotes membership in ACP; hosts events for residents during the annual Chapter meeting

Wellness Committee
Co-Chair: Stacey Rose, MD, FACP
Co-Chair: Sabina Lee, MD

Wellness committee and the Chapter's ACP Wellness Champions is to promote the rationale for investing in clinician well-being, share key evidence-based strategies to improve clinician well-being and professional satisfaction, and foster the development of chapter-based communities that support well-being and professional satisfaction.

Texas Chapter's Wellness Champions: Stacey Rose, Sabina Lee, Megan Newman and Tarek Naguib.