The General Internal Medicine Statewide Preceptorship Program (GIMSPP) has provided mentoring experiences since 1992. These preceptorships match a practicing internist volunteer to give personal training to a first- or second-year Texas medical student interested in learning more about the field of internal medicine. Attend our virtual information sessions to learn about our program and what you can expect during our Summer 2022 program! Registration links below.

Each session will have preceptors and past participants from the area next to the link. If you are interested in hearing about experiences in a particular area, sign up for that location!

Date and Time Area   Registration Link
 December 6, 2021
 at 1:00pm CT / 12:00pm MT
     El Paso       Register Here

 December 7, 2021
 at 7:00pm CT
     Houston       Register Here
 December 8, 2021
 at 7:00pm CT 
     Rio Grande Valley      Register Here
 December 14, 2021
 at 7:00pm CT
     Central Texas      Register Here
 December 15, 2021
 at 7:00pm CT
     Lubbock       Register Here
 January 11, 2022
 at 7:00pm CT
     Dallas      Register Here
 February 9, 2022
 at 7:00pm CT
     Statewide      Register Here