Congratulations on Your Recent Election to Fellowship! 

The following members were approved by the Credentials Committee for election to Fellowship on July 1. Please join us in celebrating the following members and all new Fellows  in the College. 

Valerie A Agena, DO
Imo Akpan, MD
Muhammad O Azam, MD
Quinn Capers, MD
Jessica Chambers, MD
Suvarna L Guvvala, MD
Chandrini Menaka Jayasundera, MD
Venkata Sandeep Koripalli, MD
Surya Narayan Mulukutla, MD
Aliza S Norwood, MD
Sidra Qureshi, MD
Sara A Serji, DO
Mikhail Shipotko, MD
Lindsay K Sonstein, MD
Robby G Wesley, DO
Asif Zamir, MBBS