This update to a previously recorded session provides updates on variants of concern, vaccine efficacy and safety as well as data underlying plans for third doses and boosting. The focus of the session is to help physicians and healthcare teams to best prepare with facts and strategies to aid in conversations with their patients about vaccine hesitancy.

Target Audience
MD, DO, Medical Students, Internists and Subspecialists

• Ruth Berggren, MD, MACP
• Don Murphey, MD
• Luis Ostrosky, MD, FACP

• Trish Perl, MD, FACP

• Phil Ponce, MD
• Jan Patterson MD, MACP

Planning Committee Members
• Ruth Berggren, MD, MACP, course director, planner, and speaker
• Jan Patterson, MD, MACP, course director, planner, and speaker

Record Date: August, 2021  Release Date: August 24, 2021

Nicole Abbott, Texas Chapter of the ACP
(512) 370-1528

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Hardware/Software Requirements

• Windows: Latest release of Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer 6/7 or Mozilla/Firefox
• Macintosh: Latest release of Chrome, Safari or Mozilla/Firefox