Fall 2014



Mission Statement

The mission of the Texas Chapter of the American College of Physicians is to promote quality health care for all Texans by strengthening the practice of internal medicine.

President's Message

Roger Khetan, MD, FACP
TXACP President

Guess what? The ACP turns 100 in 2015.  This milestone may leave you asking: what have they done for me, lately?

Many of you have received the email from the national ACP with Dr. Steven Weinberger’s informative summary highlighting our organization. We are quite lucky to have the ACP and our Texas chapter.  I want to take a few minutes to highlight the benefits of the ACP which I learn more about every day and they include – advocacy, education, tools, and colleagues.

For many of us, we get frustrated with the speed of politics and the time it takes to see improvement in payment reform and care for our patients. Throughout the years, your executive leadership, your ACP lobbyists, and your state chapter have people involved on the front lines with your legislators’ discussing SGR. This year feels like the year that the movement has occurred over the discussion of a need for a new payment model, and the ACP was one of the few organizations asked to give information to chief lawmakers on formulating a bill. Washington is a strange mix right now with the far left and far right causing a chasm from getting many things done, but the ACP continues to fight. Our organization fights daily and one of the yearly highlights comes in the yearly trek to DC for Leadership Day.

Leadership day – This event is sponsored by the ACP and has taught many of us the complexities of the bill making process and the need for  our members to be one on one spreading the message needed by the college as one voice. Lots of times, we all have individual issues that we would like to have heard, but the politicians can use our inter physician squabbling against us and stall progress on legislation if all of us as physicians do not work together. The delicate finesse of trying to get politicians to understand the needs of our physicians in regards to administrative overhead, meaningful use, recertification, and bedside care in the clinic and hospital takes more than just saying our side of the story once a day. Leadership Day is the pinnacle of the event that highlights the year’s work of the staff and our local chapter as well as reenergizing us for the continuing battle we face daily with local and national leaders in keeping healthcare in a positive light for all of us.

The ACP PAC –a worthy organization where members can work with legislative aides, contribute and attend at local, regional and national fundraisers. The group gets the state’s members to go to the representatives and senators and discuss issues facing all of us as well as getting us time with that politician to discuss the issues.

Regional and National meetings supply updates on clinical skills that are second to none  in the expertise and content they bring to our practicing physicians. The Latest evidence is shared to help us practice more efficiently while giving tailored medicine for each individual patient with evidence-based guidelines. In addition, the meetings allow us to hear of new research on the frontier that may impact our delivery of care.

On that note, please remember our state’s meeting for the TEXAS chapter of the ACP on November 14-16, 2014 in Houston, Texas. I look forward to seeing you and sharing lots of stories (happy, sad, and funny) with all of you.

MOC – all of us wanted to get up in arms over the new issues raised by the MOC changes. Thanks to the voices of our organization and several other specialty societies, the ABIM made some compromises. It is still complicated to us, but the ACP has it outlined on the website as well as having experts available to you online to discuss our needs as we go through the process for the first time or for some the third or fourth time.

The ACP gives us materials to assist in guiding practice management, recruiting tips, interview tips for residency and for a new job as a practicing physicians. Job postings are posted on local and national websites with links. Connections to a host of practitioners is available for you to access to help your patients find a new physician as they move from Texas to other cities or other states. Tips on efficiency, EMR market, and using your EMR are available on national and regional sites.

For Texas specifically, we are lucky to be the state leading the way with PCMH (patient centered medical home) and have tips on the website and regional meetings to help our practices get the proper designation that it deserves from the work we all do regularly.

As a group of physicians, internal medicine and internal medicine subspecialists are some of the most outstanding people a patient can meet. But, they are also some of the best friends you can have. As I start my 20th year since medical graduation, I am blessed with many friends as well as family who are in medicine (my twin brother and sister in-law practice in the same group as I do). This profession is only getting better because of the skills of our mentors, the energy of our current physician workforce and the excitement and zeal of the students going into college for premed and the medical students that see our profession as leading the change. Take the time to enjoy your membership with the ACP and value the colleague that may be right beside you that helps with that “curbside consult”.

So, as ACP approaches their 100th year in service to physicians, let us all take advantage of the resources available to us and encourage our colleagues who are not members to join.



Governor’s Message

Robert E. Jackson, MD, FACP
Governor, TX Southern Region

You teach me, I forget. You show me, I remember. You involve me, I understand.” 
- Edward O. Wilson

As a native Texan I have bragging rights and I am now going to brag on two Texas State medical organizations. The first is our own…TEXAS ACP!  The second is the Texas Medical Association (TMA). Because you are a member of Texas ACP you are reading this newsletter. Well, we can “thank our lucky stars” that we live in Texas!

Texas ACP is one of the most well respected Chapters in the College. This is certainly reflective of the past leadership, the Executive Directors and staff, the Board of Governors and of course…YOU! This is YOUR CHAPTER and like any organization it is only as good as its members. You must stay involved! We have resources, talent and vision. I have had the privilege of sitting on the board for over a decade and have seen our chapter flourish even in weak economic and tumultuous political times. What have we accomplished during my tenure as your Governor and what have we done for YOU?

Here is a short list:

  • Perennial recipient of the ACP’s CHAPTER Excellence Award
  • Produced outstanding annual scientific meetings
  • Garnered  three prestigious national ACP Tooker Evergreen awards  
  • Self-funded our GIMSPP program to encourage students to enter internal medicine
  • Developed a Foundation to continue the legacy of excellence for the Chapter (please donate today!)
  • Maintained a seat on ACP Services Board and are always in the top-tier of state donors nationally  
  • Participate in ACP’s Quality Improvement programs

And last but not least…we show up! We stay involved! Every Leadership Day we have a large delegation to Washington D.C.  I am proud to say that through our efforts with other national organizations we are close to having the SGR repealed!

On the state level we have forged our strong relationship with the Texas Medical Association.  We now have Chairs and seats on various committees. Our own Dr. Sue Bornstein was recently elected an alternate delegate to the AMA. The TMA is the strongest and most well respected chapter of the AMA in the United States. I would encourage you to join the TMA as it represents all doctors in Austin. Last weekend Texas ACP Services is presented a large donation to TEXPAC (TMA’s political action arm). If we do not continue to have a relationship with our congressman through the TMA then Texas Medicine will be at the mercy of forces that dilute the quality of our medical care in our great State. Again, we have been showing up to meetings and contributing in a very positive fashion. TMA recognizes Texas ACP’s commitment to quality, affordable health care in our great State.

Finally, I encourage you to come to Houston November 14-16, 2014 to attend our annual scientific meeting. This year’s meeting at the Hyatt Regency downtown. The title of this year’s meeting is: 21st CENTURY MEDICINE—A TEAM SPORT. I’m certain it will be an outstanding meeting and I am looking forward to seeing everyone there!


2014 Annual Meeting Registration Now Open!

Registration is Open and we encourage all members and friends of the Texas Chapter of the ACP to attend. 
The Annual Meeting, 21st Century Medicine -A Team Sport will take place on
November 15-16, 2014 at the Hyatt Regency Downtown Houston
ABIM SEP Modules will be offered on Friday, November 14th 

Click here for more info!


Volunteer to Become a Medical Student and or Resident Judge for the 2014 Annual Meeting

We would like to invite you to participate as a Medical Student and/or Resident judge for the 2014 TXACP Annual Meeting poster competition.


 Judging Information


Onsite Judges must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a current member of the ACP (non-Medical Student/Resident Member)
  • Complete the Volunteer Form before Wednesday, October 22nd. Be sure to indicate whether you would like to review for the Medical Students and/or Residents
  • Be registered for the 2014 TXACP Annual Meeting November 15th-16th hosted at the Hyatt Regency Downtown Houston
  • Approximately 5-8 posters will be assigned to each judge (this is dependent to the amount of poster accepted to present
  • A judging packet will be picked up at registration onsite at the hotel
  • Judges may work independently or as a group
  • Must be available to judge the Medical Student competition Saturday, November 15th at 8:30-10:30am
  • And/or be available to judge the Resident competition Saturday, November 15th at 2:45-4:45pm.


Your contribution to this event is valued not only by the Medical Students and Residents, but by TXACP staff and your fellow TXACP members as well.


Students, Residents Annual Meeting Activities

Medical Students and Residents are invited to participate in all annual meeting events, especially those activities designed specifically for their interests. Although registration is free for students, all attendees must register for the meeting in advance.

Five winners of the regional Residents’ clinical vignette competitions will present their cases in the statewide competition during the plenary session on Saturday morning. The winner will advance to ACP’s national competition in Boston, MA, in April  30th - May 2nd 2015.

Medical students will present clinical vignettes in a competition, with the winners to receive cash prizes. The student who achieves first place will be eligible for the national competition at the 2015 ACP annual meeting.

First and second-place winners will be named in the Medical Students’ and Residents’ poster competitions. The annual Doctors’DilemmaTM statewide competition will begin with a lunch on Sunday. All Texas residency programs are invited to register their team in advance and come join in the fun. Visit the TXACP Web site at www.txacp.org for complete details on all of the student and resident events, or call the Chapter Business Office at 512-370-1508.

Saturday, Nov. 15
7:00– 8:30am Medical Students’ Poster Set-up
8:30–10:35am Medical Students’ Poster Competition
10:35–11:50am Residents’ Clinical Vignette Presentations and Competition (during Plenary Session)
12:00-1:00pm Resident Poster Set-up
1:35pm On Being a Doctor: "Who's my patient?  Living in a world of increasingly fragmented care, increased handoffs, and sub specialization” The winning author of the On Being a Doctor writing competition for Medical Student/Resident members will give a 10-minute oral presentation during the Plenary Session.
2:45–4:45pm Residents’ Poster Exhibition and Competition
4:45–5:45pm Cocktail Reception and Awards Presentations (Winners of the poster and clinical vignette competitions will be announced)
5:15pm  Winners will be announced

Sunday, Nov. 16
12:15- 2:30pm– Residents’ Luncheon and Doctor’s DilemmaTM Competition
2014 Doctor's Dilemma Competition Team Form for the TXACP 2014 Annual Meeting

Residents can now register their team for the Doctors Dilemma competition at the annual meeting by submitting this online form. The competition is much like the TV show Jeopardy.  Questions are presented as answers and teams buzz in to answer the question in the form of a question.  There is a moderator asking the questions and each team has a buzzer so that the team that buzzes in first, has the first chance to answer the question. Checks are awarded to first and second place team members.  The first place team advances to the National ACP competition held April 30th- May 2nd, 2015, in Boston, MA, during the ACP Annual Session at IM2015.  Members of the team who advance to the national competition must be Resident ACP members in good standing. Please contact Becca Lawson in the chapter business office at (512) 370-1463 or e-mail her at rebecca.lawson@texmed.org with questions.

For more information, please visit www.txacp.org.


CECP Accepting Nominations for Co-Chair, Texas Northern

The Texas Chapter of the CECP is currently looking for candidates for the Texas Northern Co-Chair Elect.  The Texas Northern Co-Chair Elect will serve as Co-Chair Elect for one year. As the Co-Chair Elect, you will participate on monthly conference calls, contribute to newsletter articles and observe the current Co-Chair. Once the Co-Chair’s term has ended, you will attend the three Texas Chapter of the ACP Board meetings held throughout the year. The Co-Chair elect will serve two years as the Co-Chair and one year as the Immediate Past Co-Chair. If you are interested in this leadership opportunity, please submit your CV and a brief summary of why you would be a good Co-Chair Elect to our chapter office contact, Nicole Abbott, Nicole.abbott@texmed.org or call (512) 370-1528. 

The mission of the Council of Young Physicians is to enhance the professional development and quality of life of young physicians and to foster their involvement in College activities.  Throughout the year, CECP members host physician networking and mentoring events. 

Please join the CECP members in Houston, TX for the Annual Meeting of the Texas Chapter of the American College of Physicians on November 15th-16th.  The CECP will be hosting a breakout session: Do You Know Your Cyber Risks at the TXACP Annual Scientific Meeting on Saturday, November 15th at 10:35-11:35am, at the Hyatt Regency Downtown Hotel.  All interested members are encouraged to register for this session as space is limited. top

Help Shape the Future of Inernal Medicine: GIMSPP Call for Volunteer Preceptors

The General Internal Medicine Statewide Preceptorship Program (GIMSPP) places students with internists across the state for three or four-week preceptorships during the student's summer break. Most are first and second year students, however, third and fourth year students are also eligible.

Preceptorships are meant to be hands-on experiences that will get the students interested in pursuing Internal Medicine upon graduation.  On average, 30% of students who participate in the GIMSPP plan to pursue Internal Medicine after medical school.  Even if the student does not pursue IM, the experience is still a valid and important one in helping them make their decision.

The GIMSPP is funded by the Texas Chapter of the ACP and is supported by our volunteer preceptors who generously devote their time to these students.  We are asking you to please consider giving your time next summer to assist us in recruiting students for Internal Medicine.

The preceptor availability form is now active and can be accessed here: http://www.txacp.org/i4a/forms/index.cfm?id=14

This year, 54 students from 7 medical schools were matched through our program.  We have received as many as 200 applications for preceptorships in the past.  We need you to help us accommodate these students and give them an experience that will stay with them for their entire careers.  To learn more about the outcome of this year’s program, view the GIMSPP Final Report.


Hydrocodone Products Reclassified as Schedule II

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) last month published a final rule in the Federal Register reclassifying drugs that contain hydrocodone combinations from Schedule III to Schedule II. The change will take effect Oct. 6.

[Read TMA's Q&A for Physicians on the Hydrocodone Reclassification]

The move is designed to help curb the abuse of hydrocodone-containing medications. It would: 

  • Prohibit physicians from delegating advanced practice nurses and physician assistants authority to prescribe these drugs outside of a hospital or hospice setting;
  • Prevent physicians from calling in prescriptions for these medications to pharmacies; and
  • Prohibit refills of prescriptions for these drugs without a patient visit or consultation.

Additionally, moving hydrocodone combination products from Schedule III to Schedule II will have an impact on Texas physicians' prescribing practices. According to the Federal Register, after Oct. 6, drugs such as Vicodin will only be prescribed for a 90-day period. The current federal rule allows patients to receive a 180-day supply of this Schedule III drug.

Please note the rule change affects only hydrocodone combination products. Pure hydrocodone already is classified as a Schedule II drug.

At TexMed 2014 in May, physicians voiced their opposition to the reclassification in testimony before the Reference Committee on Science and Public Health. In its review of TMA's current policy on hydrocodone, the Council on Science and Public Health also noted the complexity of the issue, agreeing on the need to study it further to develop a TMA position. In the end, TMA's House of Delegates reaffirmed TMA's policy, which states the association "supports the classification of hydrocodone as a Schedule III, not a Schedule II, drug." 

The Council on Science and Public Health's review of the policy regarding hydrocodone classification and management noted that while recognizing the public health problems caused by the misuse, abuse, and diversion of prescription narcotics that result in death and addiction, hydrocodone is associated with more drug abuse and diversion than any other licit or illicit opioid. TMA's opposition to reclassifying the drug hinges, in part, on members' perception that this would place unnecessary requirements on physicians and additional burdens on patients.

The council agrees that addressing the public health problems of misuse, abuse, and diversion of hydrocodone requires comprehensive and integrated strategies in education, monitoring, and enforcement.

TMA continues to express opposition to the change in classification and to support a focus on physician education.

For information on prescribing Schedule II drugs, see the Texas Medical Board's online FAQs.

Reprinted with permission from TMA Action, Sept. 2, 2014


Member News


Dr. Robert E. Jackson representing ACP Services, attending Represenative Gene Green's Annual Fundraiser.

Dr. Philip Orlander has recieved a distinction from the American Diabetes Association (ADA). Read press release here

Dr. Rex McCallum has been appointed Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs for UTMB university's Academic Enterprise. Read press release here.


Send news of your accomplishments, or that of a colleague, to: Becca Lawson, TXACP Staff, 401 W. 15th St., Austin, TX 78701; fax to (512) 370-1635; or e-mail to Becca Lawson.


Congratulations to our Newest Fellows

Fellowship recognizes personal integrity, superior competence in internal medicine, professional accomplishment, and demonstrated scholarship.

Anne L. Alexander, MD, FACP, Austin
Christian F. Maluf, MD, FACP, South Padre Island
Barbara E. Murray, MD, FACP, Houston
Steven M. Petak, MD, FACP, Houston
Samuel E. Rivera, MD, FACP, Houston
Smita Subramaniam, MD, FACP, Arlington
Rejeesh V. Vasudev, MD, FACP, College Station
Emily S Wang, MD, FACP, San Antonio

Advancement to Fellowship applications are available:
•    At the ACP Web site
•    From the ACP Customer Service Department at (800) 523-1546, ext. 2600
•    By e-mail


Welcome New Members

We are proud to welcome the following members who have joined the Chapter during the past three months:

George O. Adesina, MD, Dallas Sean A. Hebert, MD, Houston Saurin N. Patel, MD, Dallas
Bernice D. Adu-Gyamfi, MD, Missouri City Allison P. Heinen, DO, Houston Monalee Patel-Chheda, MD, Amarillo
Jaclyn L. Albin, MD, Grapevine William A. Heymann, MD, Dallas Bhargavi Patham, MBBS, El Paso
Marisol Albuerne, MD, Houston Derly Hinojosa, MD, Laredo Gopi K. Patibandla, MBBS, Midland
Saba Ali, MBBS, Odessa Bashar S. Hmoud, MBBS, Galveston Pavithra Pattabiraman, MBBS, San Antonio
Sajid A. Ali, MD, Houston Chau Hoang, Pearland Edward J. Pearson, MD, Dallas
Jose Antonio Alvarez-Cardona, Houston Van V. Hoang, MD, Houston Anirudh Penukonda, MD, Dallas
Jaya Sheela Amaram, MD, Odessa Vu L. Hoang, MD, Manvel Michael Arden G Perdon, MD, Pearland
Rita Anighoro, MD, Deer Park James G. Hodges, MD, Houston Colbert Perez, MD, Lubbock
Tim Arakawa, MD, San Antonio Michael Hu, MD, Dallas Heather M Peto, MD, Houston
Jordan D. Awerbach, Houston Stephen R. Huff, MD, Houston Elaine I. Phuah, DO, Fort Worth
David W. Backstedt, MD, Houston Abiha S. Husain, DO, Plano Melissa R. Plessner, DO, Houston
Luis Baez Vallecillo, MD, Houston Oluchukwu Ibekwe, MD, Houston Sangita J. Pogge, MD, Houston
Vanita Bagdure, MBBS, Amarillo Edwin Olatunji Imiere, MBBS, Lubbock Megan B. Powell, MD, Huntsville
Ashvin Baru, MD, Houston Aruna Jahoor, MD, Georgetown Robert Quade, MD, San Antonio
Nathan A. Baskin, MD, Houston Naomi Horowitz James, Austin Salman A. Raheem, DO, Richardson
Philip A. Bell, MD, Dallas Sarat Jampana, MD, Longview Rajesh Ramineni, MBBS, Galveston
Mina M. Benjamin, MD, Dallas Hana Javaid, MD, Houston Jose L. Ramos, MD, Pearland
Srividya Bhadriraju, MD, MBA, Houston Brandon J. Johnson, MD, Houston Amitha Rao, MD, Missouri City
Sivasubramanium V. Bhavani, MD, Houston Jeremy Clifton Jones, MD, Dallas Usha Rao, MD, Dallas
Nicole G. Bitencourt, MD, Fort Worth Rachel E. Jones, MD, Houston Sadia Rashid, MD, Temple
Dean Philip Blevins, MD, Houston Edna Maritza Juarez Ramirez Tello, MD, Spring Sarah I. Reichert, DO, Houston
Alvaro Boniche, MD, El Paso Prajeesh Kandoth Karerat, MBBS, Corpus Christi Brandy C. Ricard, MD, Palestine
Paul-Moreau Bossous, MD, Mission Adnanul Karim, MBBS, Amarillo Nicole E. Rich, Dallas
David F. Briceno Gomez, MD, Houston Mahwash Kassi, MBBS, Houston Carlos E. Rodriguez, MD, El Pas
Geoffrey W. Burnham, MD, Dallas Julie E. Kennedy, MD, Dallas Lissette Rodriguez de Armas, MD, El Paso
Maria Cristina E. Caga-Anan, MD, San Antonio Sayeed Khalillullah, MD, El Paso Katherine S. Root, MD, Tyler
David J. Cangemi, MD, Dallas Zahoor Khan, MBBS, Houston David A. Rubio, MD, Houston
Niru Cepeda-Iruegas, MD, Pharr David Thomas Kidwell, MD, Temple Salem Salem, MD, Houston
Elizabeth Chacko, DO, Dallas Santhisri Kodali, MD, Austin Syed R. Sameeruddin, MD, Tyler
CPT David Chang, MC, USA, MD, San Antonio Chandana Koduru, MD, Coppell Kristoffer A. Seelbach, MD, Houston
Vishy Chaudhary, MBBS, Corpus Christi Olusola Kolade, El Paso Sakine Sever, MD, Houston
Madhu Chiluveri, MD, MBBS, Longview Venkata Kollipara, MBBS, Amarillo Manan S. Shah, MD, Odessa
Jennifer H. Choe, MD, PhD, Houston Vijaya Kommineni, MBBS, Lewisville Nainesh J. Shah, MD, Houston
Ahsanul Choudhury, DO, Mesquite Catherine L. Kowalewski, DO, Helotes Muhammad W. Shahid, MBBS, El Paso
Farhanaz Chowdhury, MBBS, El Paso Anushree Kumar, MD, Houston Rohit Sharda, MD, Dallas
Vanessa Costilla, MD, Amarillo Asha C. Kuruvilla, MD, Houston Mythri Sharma, DO, Houston
Christopher Jason Crist, MD, Harlingen Mariela P. Lane, MD, Austin Wassim Shatila, MD, Houston
Priti Dangayach, MD, Houston Andy T. Le, DO, Fort Worth Kamal Othman Shemisa, Dallas
Wendi L. Darag, MD, El Paso Shuang Li, MD, Bellaire Nicholas Short, Houston
Johanna P. Daugherty, MD, Portland Min Liang, MD, Houston Melvin P. Simien, MD, League City
Brittany N. Dawson, MD, Lubbock Sarah Kippenbrock Lyons, MD, Houston Kimberly N. Sims, MD, Houston
Yalew T. Debella, MD, Lubbock Jorge Machicado-Rivero, MD, Houston Jonathan M. Smith, MD, Houston
Rommel C. Del Rosario, MD, San Antonio Faiz Mahmooduddin, MD, Spring Natalie M. Smith, MD, Dallas
CPT Wilfred Perucho Dela Cruz, MD, Helotes Reesha Mahnoor, MD, Plano Cari K. Sorrell, MD, San Antonio
Thomas Delmas, MD, Temple Marjorie Ann L Malbas, MD, Corp Christi Stephen Steele, MD, San Antonio
Valerie K. DeLuca, DO, Eastland Cyrus A. Manoucheri, MD, Burleson Sasha Strain, MD, San Antonio
Alok Deshpande, MD, Katy Noe Marioni, MD, El Paso Amber Nicole Stroupe, DO, Bedford
Kha T. Dinh, MD, Houston Marissa N. Martinez, MD, Dallas Suhaireirene R. Suady Barake, MD, Lubbock
Punag Divanji, Dallas Orlando F. Martinez, MD, El Paso Meena Sunil, MD, Houston
Michael K. Dixon, DO, Lufkin Naomi E. Mathew, MBChB, Temple Rachel Suter, MD, Houston
Randa Djendou, MD, Amarillo William J. McKee, MD, Houston Claudia R. Pereira Szych, MD, Austin
Christina T. Doan, DO, Dallas David E. McMann, MD, Houston Harish Talla, MD, Midland
Sarah E. Duong, MD, MPH, Houston Michael J. McNeal, MD, Temple Michael J. Tang, MD, Dallas
Paula Duran, MD, Belton Srikala R. Meda, MD, Odessa Vilmogil T. Tano, MD, Grand Prairie
Chidiebere Echendu, MBBS, Amarillo John Melek, MD, San Antonio Hira Tanwir, MD, San Antonio
Jeffery D. Edwards, MD, Dallas Michael J. Miller, MD, Houston Junior A. .L . Taylor, Allen
Tsegaw E. Egziti, MD, Austin Jennifer Minadeo, MD, Mount Pleasant Terry P. Taylor, MD, Grand Prairie
Ahmed F. Elfar, MBChB, El Paso Sammy R. Mitz, MD, Dallas Jelani A. Teamer, MD, Missouri City
Mostafa O. El-Refai, MD, Houston Negar R. Moazami, MD, Dallas Alisa Thamwiwat, MD, Houston
Oscar O. Enriquez, MD, Port Neches Dergham  Mohammed,  MD, Dallas Tina Thomas, MD, Houston
Samatha Eppakayala, MD, Austin Michael W. Montgomery, MD, Flint Jenny Thomas Jacob, MD, Round Rock
Stephanie A. Ericson, MD, Austin Amber Moreland, MD, Dallas David C. Tietze, MD, Mansfield
Rosemary Eseh-Logue, MD, League City Janice Nhan Mullins, DO, Dallas Sergio A. Torres, MD, Houston
Fatemeh Esfahani, MD, Amarillo Roopa L. Nalam, MD, PhD, Houston Dianne N. Tran, MD, Houston
Joshua M. Evans, DO, Irving Deepthi Narasimhan, MD,MBBS, Sugar Land Remi H. Trien, MD, El Paso
Dustin R. Everett, MD, Houston Tareq Issa Michael Nassar, MD, San Antonio Claudia Ubinas Frias, MD, Fredericksburg
Paul Andrew Fabela, MD, Fort Worth Robert Nathanson, MD, San Antonio Linda Uhegwu, MD, Houston
Saleemah Y. Fahmi, MD, Dallas Cory S. Nelkin, DO, Fort Worth Sheeba A. Varughese, DO, Dallas
Adam J. Farber, MD, Temple Leeann A. Nelson, MD, Longview Neal R. Vassa, DO, Houston
Safa E. Farrag, MD, El Paso Mark Nguyen, MD, Dallas Sarma N. Velamuri, MD, Houston
Zanira Fazal, MD, San Antonio Vinh Q. Nguyen, MD, Houston Alejandro Velasco, MD, Dallas
Keshia Cindy Ferguson, MD, Houston Kirsten G. Nieto, MD, Austin Hailey M. Vincent, MD, Temple
Lindsey N. Fogle, MD, Austin Angelica A. Nunez, MD, El Paso Heather M. Wainstein, MD, Dallas
Jean FOTSO, MD, Richmond Musab E. M Nusrat, MBChB, Lubbock Cory R. Walker, DO, Houston
Megan Alicia Freeman, MD, San Antonio Jose M. Ochoa, MD, Killeen Dara R. Wang, MD, Cypress
Jeanene H. Gabriel, MD, Houston Kevin Oguayo, MD, Temple Sara C. Waters, MD, Houston
Ivan F. Garcia, MD, Plano Olubunmi O. Ogundadegbe, MD, Houston Cassandra A. Wertz, MD, Pearland
Umair Ghani, MD, Austin Sharon Kwamboka Onguti, MBCHB, Galveston Andrew R. Whiteley, MD, Dallas
Timberly N. Gilford, MD, Houston Sandra Iris Ordonez, MD, Dallas Chanaka Wickramasinghe, MD, Dallas
Andrea Giomi, MD, DALLAS Arleen Marie Ortiz, MD, El Paso Benjamin Wilson, MD, Waco
Adriana Gonzalez, MD, Houston Arlyn Otero Lugo, MD, Weslaco Brian J. Wisnoski, MD, Houston
Jaime Gonzalez, MD, El Paso Seyedmahdi Pahlavani, MD, Houston Justin L. Wong, MD, Houston
Vanessa Gray, MD, Temple Nicolas L. Palaskas, MD, Houston Christopher C Wright, MD, Amarillo
Megan R. Greene, MD, Temple Chandra Mouli Palla, MD, Stephenville Elena Xintavelonis, MD, Beaumont
Jeffeea N. Gullett, MD, Pearland Ambarish Pandey, MD, Dallas Jianyu Xu, MD, Houston
Kyle L. Gummelt, DO, Dallas Ragesh Panikkath, MBBS, Lubbock CPT Christine Yao, MC USA, San Antonio
Sheila A. Habib, MD, San Antonio Helen T. Paradise, MD, League City Santosh Yatam Ganesh, MBBS, Houston
Omar F. Hadidi, MD, Dallas Siva Parcha, MD, Odessa Faisal N. Zahiruddin, DO, Houston
Andrew W. Hahn, MD, Houston Tina H. Pariani, DO, Houston Jocelyn V. Zarate, San Antonio
Joud Hajjar, MD, Houston Alberto Parra, MD, Arlington Nancy Gisela Zegarra, MD, Austin
Elizabeth M. Hankollari, MD, Dallas Jerod B. Patchin, DO, Waco  
Mohamed T. Hassan Kamel, MD, Houston Janki N. Patel, DO, Fort Worth  
Patricia Melo Heys, MD, Houston Kirtan Patel, MD, Abilene  


ACP Recruit-a-Colleague Program

Recommend ACP membership to your colleagues and earn a significant discount on your membership dues or even free membership!

Now you have the opportunity to provide your colleagues with the same clinical support and educational resources that you have enjoyed as an ACP member. Talk to your post-training colleagues about ACP today so they can experience the College’s benefits for themselves -- and join a worldwide internal medicine community of more than 141,000 members.

To thank you for your time and effort, we offer the following recruitment program. Between now and March 15, 2015, receive a:

  • $100 credit toward your 2015-16 annual dues when you recruit one member
  • $200 credit toward your 2015-16 annual dues when you recruit two new members
  • $300 credit toward your 2015-16 annual dues when you recruit three new members
  • Free membership in 2015-16 when you recruit four or more new members*

Read more here.

A Special Thank You to Our RAC Recruiters

Patrick S Chaftari, MD, FACP, Bellaire
Erin A Reese, MD, San Antonio
Erin D Roe, MD, MBA, FACP, Dallas
Ali Seifi, MD, FACP, San Antonio





Thank you for being a member of the ACP.

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