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Fall 2016



Mission Statement

The mission of the Texas Chapter of the American College of Physicians is to promote quality health care for all Texans by strengthening the practice of internal medicine.

President's Message

Maureen Francis, MD, FACP
TXACP President

Dear TXACP Chapter Members,

This is an exciting time of year at medical schools across the state, and the country, as admissions committees take on the task of interviewing and selecting students for the class of 2021! Meanwhile, fourth year medical students, nearing the end of their undergraduate medical training, are busily completing their residency applications, nervously anticipating their long awaited graduation day and entrance into residency. 

Medical practice will surely evolve over the course of their careers. Some changes can be forecasted and predicted, while others will likely be a surprise.  Technology will almost certainly continue to advance, making the seemingly impossible become reality. In light of this, I still assume, perhaps naively, that patients will continue to value a humanistic physician who listens actively to their concerns and works with them to manage their health problems. However, the physician of the future is not likely to be acting alone, but instead, almost certainly will act as part of a well-orchestrated team incorporating the expertise of nurses, pharmacists, social workers, therapists and many other professionals.  Teamwork will be more important than ever.

Medical education must evolve and change too in order to provide students with the knowledge, attitudes, and skills they will need in their future. Reflecting back, I know that I learned much from nurses and other health professionals during my training and throughout my career. This was not part of any formal curriculum but was practical, on the job training, offered graciously by experienced professionals in addition to their regular duties.  Early in my internship, an RN taught me how to write  prescriptions for insulin and diabetic supplies - an essential task that was simply left out of my formal education. Now, interprofessional collaboration is a core competency in undergraduate medical education and opportunities for diverse students to work and learn together are evolving.

In conclusion, I wish to express my sincere gratitude to all of you as my term as president comes to an end. I encourage everyone to work with a student and stay involved with the TXACP – sign up to be a preceptor in the General Internal Medicine Statewide Preceptorship Program, consider joining a committee, attend the regional resident competitions in the spring, and attend the Texas Chapter Annual Meeting in Houston this November. Be part of shaping the future of medicine!

On behalf of the Texas Chapter, I wish you all well.

Best regards,

Maureen D. Francis, MD, FACP


Governor’s Message

George E. Crawford, MD, MACP
Governor, TX Southern Region

The ACP and this chapter continue to work vigorously in your interest.  In May, we sent a large delegation to Washington to meet with congressional staffers to inform them on issues of importance to medicine.  Although this has not been as fruitful as our local advocacy, it lays the groundwork for having our voice heard in Washington, whatever the election results in November.

As of this writing, I am preparing for the September Board of Governors meeting in Austin.  This meeting will bring together Governors from across the United States to a Texas venue.  Dr. Bornstein and I will present an introduction to Texas in the form of a video “Ten Things You Don’t Know About Texas”.  We will debate important issues including Board of Governors resolutions addressing for profit medical schools, expanding Medicare, the gender pay gap, opioid prescribing, advocating for wellness initiative, and the continuing negotiation with the ABIM on recertification.  I am proud to represent you and the great state of Texas on these and other important issues. 

The Internal Medicine residency application site, ERAS, has just opened, and our program has 3500 applicants so far.  This is an exciting time as the IM applicants are the lifeblood of our specialty.  We do not have global data for this year, but in the 2016 season, the number of IM applications per USMG candidate increased to almost 35, a 28% increase over 2015.  For comparison, IMGs submitted an average of 77 applications.  This underlines the anxiety of current medical graduates addressed by our Chapter’s success in obtaining state funding for additional residency positions in Texas.  We expect that this will translate into more Texas primary care providers in the future.  Your society played a crucial role through our advocacy efforts.

One of our most challenging issues facing up with increasing administrative burdens, MACRA, ‘Meaningful Use” of EMRs that have not delivered on their promises, and other frustrations is “burnout”.  How do you know if this affects you?  Key symptoms are emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and a reduced sense of accomplishment.  Part of the answer is to develop a balance between the energy you burn at work and your ability to recharge.  Strategies have to be individualized and may include time off, and mindfulness exercises.  Getting together with peers to share experiences and reconnect is also helpful.  A great opportunity for this is the Texas ACP annual meeting coming up November 5-6 at the Omni Hotel in Houston.  Dr. Bornstein has put together a great program with a plenary sessions on Physician Wellness and what you need to know “Tools to facilitate the transition to Value Based Payment”.  You can keep up to date with presentations on Emerging Infections, Women’s Health Care, Presentation Skills, GI, Cardiology and Oncology Management.  Visit the resident posters and cheer your team on in the Doctors Jeopardy competition.  See you in Houston.


2016 Host Governor's Message

Sue S. Bornstein, MD, FACP
Governor, TX Northern Region

I want to personally invite each of you to the 2016 Texas ACP Annual Scientific Meeting that will be held November 5-6 at the Omni Hotel in Houston.

Your Texas ACP Education Committee, ably co-chaired by LeChauncy Woodard and Cynthia Peacock, has put together an outstanding meeting.

Saturday morning begins with two Distinguished Professor breakfasts. One is led by Scott Litin, MD, MACP of the Mayo Clinic, a renowned clinician and educator. Dr. Litin will speak on presentation skills for clinicians. The Women in Medicine Breakfast will be led by Charlene Dewey, MD, MEd. Her topic is Physician Wellness: Resiliency.

Saturday’s program features a keynote address by Daisy Smith, MD, FACP, the ACP’s Vice-President for Clinical Programs. Dr. Smith will speak on making the transition to value based payment.

We are honored to have Wayne Riley, MD, MACP represent the College. Dr. Riley will give the luncheon keynote on Saturday. The luncheon also features the annual business meeting as well as the awards ceremony.

On Saturday afternoon, we will have a special session entitled “The Many Faces of Violence.” The speakers for this session are Dr. Fernando Stein, President of the American Academy of Pediatrics and Wayne Riley, ACP President emeritus.

Saturday closes with the resident awards presentations and a Texas ACP Services Reception. We are honored to have Rep. Sarah Davis of Houston as our guest at the reception.

Sunday’s program features 2 concurrent tracks of clinical updates. There is something for everyone! See you in November!


2016 Annual Meeting Registration Now Open!

Registration is open and we encourage all members and friends of the Texas Chapter of the ACP to attend. 


Volunteer to Become a Medical Student and or Resident Judge for the 2016 Annual Meeting

We would like to invite you to participate as a Medical Student and/or Resident judge for the 2016 TXACP Annual Meeting poster competition.


Judging Information


Onsite Judges must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a current member of the ACP (non-Medical Student/Resident Member)
  • Complete the volunteer form before Friday, October 7th. Be sure to indicate whether you would like to review for the Medical Students and/or Residents.
  • Be registered for the 2016 TXACP Annual Meeting November 5th-6th hosted at the Omni Houston Hotel.
  • Approximately 5-8 posters will be assigned to each judge (this is dependent to the amount of poster accepted to present).
  • A judging packet will be picked up at registration onsite at the hotel.
  • Judges may work independently or as a group.
  • Must be available to judge the Medical Student competition Saturday, November 5th at 8:30-10:30am.
  • And/or be available to judge the Resident competition Saturday, November 6th at 2:45-4:45pm.


Your contribution to this event is valued not only by the Medical Students and Residents, but by TXACP staff and your fellow TXACP members as well.


Students, Residents Annual Meeting Activities

Medical Students and Residents are invited to participate in all annual meeting events, especially those activities designed specifically for their interests. Although registration $25 for residents and free for students, all attendees must register for the meeting in advance.

Five winners of the regional Residents’ clinical vignette competitions will present their cases in the statewide competition during the plenary session on Saturday morning. The winner will advance to ACP’s national competition in San Diego, CA, in March 30th - April 1st 2017.

Medical students will present clinical vignettes in a competition, with the winners to receive cash prizes. The student who achieves first place will be eligible for the national competition at the 2017 ACP annual meeting.

First and second-place winners will be named in the Medical Students’ and Residents’ poster competitions. The annual Doctor's DilemmaTM statewide competition will begin with a lunch on Sunday. All Texas residency programs are invited to register their team in advance and come join in the fun. Visit the TXACP Web site at for complete details on all of the student and resident events, or call the Chapter Business Office at 512-370-1508.

Saturday, Nov. 5
7:00– 8:30am Medical Students’ Poster Set-up
8:30–10:35am Medical Students’ Poster Competition
10:35–11:50am Residents’ Clinical Vignette Presentations and Competition (during Plenary Session)
12:00-1:00pm Resident Poster Set-up
1:20pm On Being a Doctor: "Team-based Care: Why is it Important in the Current Healthcare Environment?" The winning author of the On Being a Doctor writing competition for Medical Student/Resident members will give a 10-minute oral presentation during the Awards Luncheon
1:30pm Medical Student Poster Winners will be announced following the Chapter Awards Luncheon
2:45–4:45pm Residents’ Poster Exhibition and Competition
4:45–5:45pm Cocktail Reception and Awards Presentations (Winners of the poster and clinical vignette competitions will be announced)
5:15pm  Winners will be announced

Sunday, Nov. 6
12:15- 2:30pm– Residents’ Luncheon and Doctor’s DilemmaTM Competition
2016 Doctor's Dilemma Competition Team Form for the TXACP 2016 Annual Meeting

Residents can now register their team for the Doctors Dilemma competition at the annual meeting by submitting this online form. The competition is much like the TV show Jeopardy.  Questions are presented as answers and teams buzz in to answer the question in the form of a question.  There is a moderator asking the questions and each team has a buzzer so that the team that buzzes in first, has the first chance to answer the question. Checks are awarded to first and second place team members.  The first place team advances to the National ACP competition held March 30 - April 1, 2017, in San Diego, CA during the ACP Annual Session at IM2017.  Members of the team who advance to the national competition must be Resident ACP members in good standing. Please contact Becca Lawson in the chapter business office at (512) 370-1463 or e-mail her at with questions.


Texas Chapter of the ACP Services Leadership Day

                    You're invited to come to Austin for an afternoon of Advocacy at the Capitol!


                    More information about this event including sign-ups will be sent out soon!

                                                                Tentative Schedule:
                                  11:00am-12:30pm   Registration and Opening Remarks
                                 1:00pm-3:00pm Visits with State Legislators at the Capitol



200 Preceptors Needed for GIMSPP 2017!

The General Internal Medicine Statewide Preceptorship Program (GIMSPP) provides first and second year medical students with clinical experience of general internal medicine for 2 to 4 week rotations during their summer break.  

We are expecting upwards of 400 student applications for 2017, and will need at least 200 available preceptors to provide a good experience for everyone. We are in need of your assistance to help match these students.  To get the process started, please complete the Preceptor Availability Form.  You do not yet need to know your schedule in order to sign up.  

New Incentives:  As a valued volunteer preceptor, you will be eligible for incentives:

The ACP's "Teaching Medicine" 6 Book Series or
FREE Registration to the TXACP 2017 Annual Meeting
PLUS, if you are an ACP member, you will receive $100 off your ACP dues!
*In order to qualify as a preceptor, you must be board certified in Internal Medicine and have no active license restrictions.  

This summer, over 160 students from all 9 medical schools were matched through our program, the highest number matched in 13 years. View the whole press release here.

Preceptorships are meant to be hands-on experiences that will get the students interested in pursuing Internal Medicine upon graduation.  On average, nearly 40% of students who participate in the GIMSPP plan to pursue Internal Medicine after medical school.  Even if the student does not pursue IM, the experience is still a valid and important one in helping them make their decision.  Your volunteerism can help shape the future of internal medicine.

Visit to learn more.


Introducing the ACP Early Career E-Poster Competition

It is with pleasure that we announce that there will be an ACP Early Career E-Poster Competition, taking place on Thursday, March 30, during ACP's Internal Medicine 2017 in San Diego.

The Early Career E-Poster Competition differs significantly from the Medical Student and Resident/Fellow Member competitions currently held. The Early Career E-Poster competition will be online only with no onsite judging. We will limit the number of submissions to 100, with 50 selected to develop an online poster. The online posters will be online as well, with the authors able to include many of their source materials that along with the poster itself. In addition, the author may add voice-over narration to the poster so that viewers may hear from them what makes the findings significant, original and relevant.

The portal for the Early Career E-Poster competition will open in early October with submission accepted through December. Both case and research abstracts will be accepted. Judging and selection will take place in December. Those selected to develop an e-poster will be notified in early January. Once notified, they will be able to build their online poster and narration right up until the meeting.

This is a test year so during it, those who participate will receive neither complimentary meeting registration nor travel support. Nonetheless, participants will be included in the Young Achievers Program at the meeting with their name highlighted with other early career physicians who have participated in our programs.


Important Update: National Abstracts Competitions for
Residents and Students

New this year, ACP will implementing rolling deadlines for submissions for the Medical Student Member and Resident/Fellow Member competitions.

The competition will open on October 3, 2016 for all groups. The submissions deadlines vary by member class and competition category:

    Medical Student Clinical Vignette - Wednesday, November 9, 2016
    Medical Student Research - Wednesday, November 16, 2016
    RFM Clinical Vignette - Wednesday, November 23, 2016
    RFM Research - Wednesday, November 30, 2016

ACP hosts an annual national competition for medical students and resident/fellows as part of the annual Internal Medicine Meeting. Learn more here.

If you have any questions, please contact Tracey Henry at (800) 523-1546, ext. 2727 or at


Survey for Primary Care & Specialty Care Physicians


The Office of Title V and Family Health at the Texas Department of State Health Services is requesting feedback from pediatric and adult primary care and specialty care physicians.

This brief survey includes questions on medical home and health care transition services. Your assistance in gathering responses is greatly appreciated. Information from the survey will be utilized to inform education and support to providers across Texas.

If you have any questions about this survey please contact


Member News

Dr. Marian Chen-Hah has been recognized among the top in her industry by the Expert Network. Read full press release here.

The Leading Physicians of the World to introduce H. Wayne Smith, MD, an accomplished retired Internist in Texas. Read full press release here.

Send news of your accomplishments, or that of a colleague, to: Becca Lawson, TXACP Staff, 401 W. 15th St., Austin, TX 78701; fax to (512) 370-1635; or e-mail to Becca Lawson.


Congratulations to our Newest Fellows

Fellowship recognizes personal integrity, superior competence in internal medicine, professional accomplishment, and demonstrated scholarship.

Mashrafi Ahmed, MD FACP, Amarillo
Wesam S Aziz, MD FACP, San Antonio
Viviane M Bunin, MD FACP, Houston
Kirk A Calhoun, MD FACP, Tyler
Daniel J Crowe, MD FACP, Austin
Anita M D'Mello, MD FACP, Georgetown
Munib S Daudjee, MD FACP, Cypress
Carlos E Pancorvo, MD FACP, Desoto
Amit D Parulekar, MD FACP, Houston
Sanjeev M Pawar, MD FACP, Frisco
Julie S Rivera Gilbreath, MD FACP, San Antonio
Mary A Rodriguez , MD FACP, Austin
Dolamu O B Sokunbi, MD FACP, Nacogdoches
Mohammed A.R. Chamsi-Pasha, MD FACP, Pearland
Jennifer L Clark, MD FACP, Cedar Park
Diane S Demick, MD FACP, El Paso
Sathiyaraj George, MD FACP, Mission
Jennifer L Headrick, MD FACP, Woodway
Edna S Wong McKinstry, MD FACP, Edinburg

Advancement to Fellowship applications are available:
•    At the ACP Web site
•    From the ACP Customer Service Department at (800) 523-1546, ext. 2600
•    By e-mail


Welcome New Members

We are proud to welcome the following members who have elected to membership within the last few months.



ACP Recruit-a-Colleague Program

Recommend ACP membership to your colleagues and earn a significant discount on your membership dues or even free membership. Now you have the opportunity to provide your colleagues with the same clinical support and educational resources that you have enjoyed as an ACP member. READ MORE

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Thank you for being a member of the ACP.