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Fall 2017



Mission Statement

The mission of the Texas Chapter of the American College of Physicians is to promote quality health care for all Texans by strengthening the practice of internal medicine.

President's Message

Curtis Mirkes, DO, FACP
TXACP President

Fall is my favorite time of year; school starting back up, hunting season, and football. These past couples of weeks have been devastating with hurricane Harvey hitting the Texas coastline and the impact of flooding within Houston. We have all seen the devastation and many of our members have been impacted by this massive storm. The response from all Texans has been tremendous; the volunteers at the site of destruction to the individuals miles away helping with evacuees. In the most difficult times will bring out the best in humanity, and this is what I’ve witnessed over the past weeks. I’m not originally from this great state, but as I’ve told many people – I got here as fast as I could. I’ve been able to personally see the definition of Texas Strong and I’m so proud of our communities. I want to make sure that we all continue to help and use our resources available to us not only for patient care but to help out colleagues during this difficult time. ACP has many resources which we can utilize to help with Hurricane Harvey.

I have been blessed to also find an academic home within ACP. I have been able to develop my leadership capabilities, medical knowledge, and improve my teaching aptitudes. I’ve been privileged to be accepted to the Fellowship within the College. This honor helps distinguish the accomplishments and achievements of the individual. I’ve been fortunate to see a roster of individuals within this great state who are eligible to advance to Fellowship status within the College. If you have any questions regarding the application I would be more than happy to discuss with you.

Lastly I want to see you at the 2017 Annual Meeting which is going to be held on November 11-12. It’s going to be an outstanding meeting with numerous opportunities to increase our overall medical knowledge and have fellowship with members across the state.


Governor’s Message

Jack Myers, MD, FACP
Governor, TX Northern Region

Governor’s Message

I am writing today in the aftermath of the costliest natural disaster to ever hit the United States. While certainly not finalized, the estimated damaged caused by Hurricane Harvey is slated to be around $190 billion. This does not include “the human factor”: the impact on the people that lost their lives or were directly (or indirectly) affected by the terrible destruction. The toll that a disaster like this can take on the human condition is enormous. It will take days, years, and even lifetimes to comprehend and deal with the impact. For those people who are and who will be struggling with this, we send our humble condolences and prayers. 

It is, however, in tragedy that we will sometimes see the best in each other. It calls to us at our very being and propels us to act. It is in this light that I have witnessed a renewed sense of hope. Amidst the struggles of daily living and political squabbles, it comes down to relationships: the relationships with human beings that drives us to do what we do. Some of the most admirable stories are being told from this disaster and how small acts of kindness from thousands of individuals is sparking a new vitality and optimism.

Our Texas Chapter of ACP is included in this renewed well-being. I was touched and moved by the outpouring from our National ACP Leadership to reach out to our State and ask what can be done. We have heard from many other State Chapters to offer assistance and resources. As you have seen, National ACP has provided much needed information via social media on what to do for the health of individuals in the wake of a flood: from tetanus vaccines to volunteer programs. Our Texas ACP social media accounts have continually updated and given places to donate, phone numbers to call, and items to provide, not to mention first-hand accounts of our Members in action. I am very proud of our Chapter and our Membership and feel extremely humbled to help represent such a wonderful group of people. 

My “ask” of each Member today is to find out how you can be of help. Reach out to volunteer organizations or donate money to help those in need. Volunteer your time and expertise if able. I would also ask that those members who have a story to tell from Hurricane Harvey, please share those stories with us. Let us know about your experiences and issues.

You will be seeing a new focus of our Chapter on volunteerism and we want to know how we can help serve. I would like to personally invite you to attend our 2017 Texas ACP Annual Meeting, November 11-12, 2017 in San Antonio. At this meeting, we will have opportunities to “give back” to the community and show what kind of impact our Texas ACP can have.

I appreciate your continued commitment to the health and welfare of our patients and your support of ACP and its services. Despite all of our differences, we are able to come together and make our world a little brighter.  I look forward to seeing you at our Annual Meeting and to a renewed sense of optimism and hope!


Jack Myers, MD, FACP
North Texas ACP Governor


2017 Annual Meeting Registration Now Open!

Registration is open and we encourage all members and friends of the Texas Chapter of the ACP to attend. Click the image below to register and view more information online.


Volunteer to Become a Medical Student and or Resident Judge for the 2017 Annual Meeting

We would like to invite you to participate as a Medical Student and/or Resident judge for the 2017 TXACP Annual Meeting poster competition.


Onsite Judges must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a current member of the ACP (non-Medical Student/Resident Member)
  • Complete the volunteer form before Friday, October 13th. Be sure to indicate whether you would like to review for the Medical Students and/or Residents.
  • Be registered for the 2017 TXACP Annual Meeting
  • Approximately 5-8 posters will be assigned to each judge (this is dependent to the amount of poster accepted to present).
  • A judging packet will be picked up at registration onsite at the hotel.
  • Judges may work independently or as a group.
  • Must be available to judge the Medical Student competition Saturday, November 11th from 10:00-11:30am.
  • And/or be available to judge the Resident competition Saturday, November 11th from 2:45-4:45pm.




Students, Residents Annual Meeting Activities

Medical Students and Residents are invited to participate in all annual meeting events, especially those activities designed specifically for their interests. Although registration $25 for residents and free for students, all attendees must register for the meeting in advance.

Five winners of the regional Residents’ clinical vignette competitions will present their cases in the statewide competition during the plenary session on Saturday morning. The winner will advance to ACP’s national competition in New Orleans, LA!

Medical students will present clinical vignettes in a competition, with the winners to receive cash prizes. The student who achieves first place will be eligible for the national competition at IM2018.

First and second-place winners will be named in the Medical Students’ and Residents’ poster competitions. The annual Doctor's DilemmaTM statewide competition will begin with a lunch on Sunday. All Texas residency programs are invited to register their team in advance and come join in the fun. Visit the TXACP Web site at for complete details on all of the student and resident events, or call the Chapter Business Office at 512-370-1508.

Saturday, Nov. 11
7:00– 8:00am Medical Students’ Poster Set-up
10:00–11:30am Medical Students’ Poster Competition
10:35–11:50am Residents’ Clinical Vignette Presentations and Competition (during Plenary Session)
12:00-1:00pm Resident Poster Set-up
1:30pm Medical Student Poster Winners will be announced following the Chapter Awards Luncheon
2:45–4:45pm Residents’ Poster Exhibition and Competition
5:15–6:00pm Cocktail Reception and Awards Presentations (Winners of the poster and clinical vignette competitions will be announced)

Sunday, Nov. 12
12:15- 2:30pm– Residents’ Luncheon and Doctor’s DilemmaTM Competition
2017 Doctor's Dilemma Competition Team Form

Residents can now register their team for the Doctors Dilemma competition at the annual meeting by submitting this online form. The competition is much like the TV show Jeopardy.  Questions are presented as answers and teams buzz in to answer the question in the form of a question.  There is a moderator asking the questions and each team has a buzzer so that the team that buzzes in first, has the first chance to answer the question. Checks are awarded to first and second place team members.  The first place team advances to the National ACP competition held during IM2018.  Members of the team who advance to the national competition must be Resident ACP members in good standing. Please contact Nicole Abbott in the chapter business office at (512) 370-1528 with questions.



Congratulations to our Newest Fellows

Fellowship recognizes personal integrity, superior competence in internal medicine, professional accomplishment, and demonstrated scholarship. Congratulations to the chapter's most recent Fellows.

Nicola Abate, MD FACP Kemah
Oluwaseyi D Adejorin, MD FACP Sugar Land
Ali M Al-Ameri, MBChB FACP Houston
Jaclyn L Albin, MD FACP Bedford
Theodore V Arevalo, MD FACP San Antonio
Myo Aung, MBBS FACP Austin
Arvinder Kaur Bains, MBBS FACP Tyler
Tilahun W Belay, MD FACP Tyler
Boris Blechacz, MD FACP Houston
Jan M Bruder, MD FACP San Antonio
Sheldon C Chaffer, MD FACP Temple
Min-Yuen Cynthia Cheung, MD FACP Houston
Ginaida Cirilo, MD FACP Rowlett
Tyler Curiel, MD FACP San Antonio
Martha L Danhof, DO FACP Fort Worth
Jeffrey Eaton, MD FACP Austin
Obiora M Ekweani, MD FACP Frisco
John P Erwin, III MD FACP Temple
Cara A Foldes, MD FACP Houston
Santiago Giraldo, MD FACP Odessa
Erik R Grossman, MD FACP Dallas
Mumnoon Haider, MD FACP Leander
Stephen J Harder, MD FACP Dallas
M Qasim Hasan, MBBS FACP Coppell
Lisa Aimee Hechanova, MD FACP El Paso
Karen E Hill, MD FACP Houston
Erica Hubenthal, MD FACP Houston
Mahmuda Islam, MD FACP Frisco
Chun Jin, MD FACP Austin
Anna Kagan, MD,PhD FACP Houston
Yu Y Khin, MD FACP Austin
Catherine L Kowalewski, DO FACP San Antonio
Charles J Lerner, MD FACP San Antonio
Leah E Low, MD FACP Galveston
Atisha P Manhas, MD FACP Dallas
Joanna Grace Mayo Manzano, MD FACP Houston
James Crawford Marroquin, MD FACP Austin
Edwin C Matthews, MD FACP Coppell
Humera Naqvi, MD FACP Richmond
Victor J Narcisse, MD FACP Bellaire
Megan Greene Newman, MD FACP Temple
Henry U Ogbogu, MD FACP Coppell
Olugbenga B Ojo, MBBS FACP League City
Cliff Omoregie, MD FACP Allen
Nnenna N Onochie, MD FACP Missouri City
Philip Orlander, MD FACP Houston
Timothy L Overlock, MD FACP Texarkana
Abhilash Perisetti, MBBS FACP Lubbock
Zeeshan Ramzan, MD FACP Coppell
Dereddi Raja Shekar Reddy, MD FACP Houston
Pablo S Rodriguez, MD FACP Amarillo
Stacey R Rose, MD FACP Bellaire
Shari P Rubin, MD FACP Houston
Cheryl L Sampson, MD FACP Ennis
Marisa Sandera, MD FACP Boerne
Hilary S Suzawa, MD FACP Houston
Chandandeep Takkar, MBBS FACP San Antonio
Mahnaz Taremi, MD FACP Houston
Barbara S Taylor, MD FACP San Antonio
Elisabeth A Tilleros, MD FACP Dallas
Marc Weiner, MD FACP San Antonio
Alison Wiesenthal, MD FACP San Antonio
Sein Win, MD FACP San Antonio
Behyar Zoghi, MDPhD FACP San Antonio
Devon M Zoller, MD FACP Frisco



Fall 2017 BOG Resolutions: Available for Comment


The following Eighteen (18) proposed F17 resolutions will be slated for consideration at the Fall 2017 BOG Meeting. In addition, Resolutions 4-F16 and 8-S17 referred for study at previous BOG meetings will return for debate.

Please review these resolutions and background information and provide feedback (level of priority, comments) after reviewing the background information (attached) by September 29th. Your input will help the chapter Governors in addressing these resolutions with the Board of Governors. 

Provide Feedback Now (Input via Survey Monkey) -open until September 29th

Resolution 4-F16.

Petitioning CMS to Adopt a Single Code for Initial and Ongoing Physician Care Regardless of Patient Status (Sponsor: New York Chapter)

Resolution 8-S17.

Advocating for the Integration of Artificial Intelligence Technology in Electronic Health Records (Sponsor: New York Chapter)

Resolution 1-F17.

Redoubling Efforts to Achieve RVU Reimbursement for Currently Uncompensated Physician EHR Work (Sponsor: District of Columbia Chapter) [WITHDRAWN BY SPONSOR]

Resolution 2-F17

Updating ACP Policy to Oppose Fail First or Step Therapy Policies (Sponsor: Florida Chapter)

Resolution 3-F17.

Updating ACP Policy on Drug Formularies and Pharmacy Benefit Managers to Increase Transparency of Drug Cost and Rebate Incentives (Sponsor: Florida Chapter)

Resolution 4-F17.

Updating ACP Policy to Oppose Non-Medical Switching of Medications by Insurance Companies and Pharmacy Benefit Managers (Sponsor: Florida Chapter)

Resolution 5-F17.

Advocating to Remove Falls from the List of Hospital-Acquired Conditions (HACs) with Financial Penalties to Promote Mobility (Sponsor: New York Chapter) 

Resolution 6-F17.

Advocating for Appropriate Training/Expertise for Disability Claim Reviewers (Sponsor: District of Columbia Chapter)

Resolution 7-F17.

Eliminating Mandatory Additional Training to Prescribe Buprenorphine (Sponsor: Council of Resident/Fellow Members) 

Resolution 8-F17.

Addressing the Impact of and Establishing Guidelines for Changing Patient – Physician Communication Methods (Sponsor: BOG Class of 2021) 

Resolution 9-F17.

Developing a Means of Publicly Recognizing Excellence in American Health Care as a Component of Combating Physician Burnout (Sponsor: District of Columbia Chapter) 

Resolution 10-F17.

Developing ACP Policy on Physician Impairment and Rehabilitation Towards Re-integration (Sponsor: Council of Early Career Physicians; Co-Sponsors: N. California; S. California Regions I, II, & III) 

Resolution 11-F17.

Reviewing ACP’s Position on Physician Aid in Dying from a Legal and Health Policy Standpoint (Sponsor: Oregon Chapter) 

Resolution 12-F17.

Amending ACP Policy for a National Medical Tort System Based on 1975 MICRA of California and 2003 MMTRA of Texas (Sponsor: District of Columbia Chapter) 

Resolution 13-F17.

Invoking Patent Law to Make Direct Acting Antivirals Accessible to Medicaid Populations (Sponsor: Council of Resident/Fellow Members) 

Resolution 14-F17.

Adopting ACP Policy Protecting Access to Essential Reproductive Health Services including Abortion (Sponsor: New Mexico Chapter) 

Resolution 15-F17.

Advocating for LCME Policy Regarding Parental Leave for Medical Students (Sponsor: Council of Student Members)

Resolution 16-F17.

Updating the 2015 ACP Policy Recommendation Regarding Immunization Laws and Quickly Implementing a Public Education Campaign (Sponsor: District of Columbia Chapter)

Resolution 17-F17.

Advocating for Medical Licensure Process Reform to Lessen Fears of Stigma Regarding Mental Health Disclosures (Sponsor: Council of Resident/Fellow Members) 

Resolution 18-F17.

Updating ACP Policy to Oppose Purchasing of Tobacco Products by Individuals under the Age of 21 (Sponsor: Florida Chapter) 

Resolution 19-F17.

Requesting an Investigation of Possible Fraudulent Activities Related to Misuse of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment Policies (Sponsor: Florida Chapter)


Upcoming Webinar: Leadership Principles for Women in Medicine

In celebration of Women in Medicine month, the ACP Leadership Academy will present "Leadership Principles for Women in Medicine." This free hour-long webinar, which will include a Q & A session, will begin on Thursday, September 28, 2017, at 3:00 p.m. E  T.
Join speakers Virginia L. Hood, MBBS, MPH, MACP; Darilyn V. Moyer MD, FACP; and Fatima Zahara Syed, MD, MSc, as they discuss the past, present, and future of women in medicine -and the principles they have followed to shape their careers and to become leaders within the profession.
Dr. Hood is President Emeritus of the American College of Physicians; Dr. Moyer is the first woman to serve as the College’s Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer; and Dr. Syed is the current Chair of ACP’s Council of Resident/Fellow Members.

Register at

Atrial Fibrillation Patient Education Resources

September is National Atrial Fibrillation Awareness Month. ACP offers a variety of patient education materials to help you communicate easily and clearly with your patients about Afib. These include: 
  • A self-management guidebook with action plans and medication management worksheets
  • A video series that highlights an Afib patient's self-management journey
  • A Patient FACTS two-page takeaway sheet

These resources, along with many others, are available to you for FREE in both English and Spanish and in print and digital formats. Access our Atrial Fibrillation materials and browse all of  ACP's patient education resources.

ACP Recruit-a-Colleague Program

Recommend ACP membership to your colleagues and earn a significant discount on your membership dues or even free membership. Now you have the opportunity to provide your colleagues with the same clinical support and educational resources that you have enjoyed as an ACP member. READ MORE

ACP Member Benefit Highlights Flyer


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