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The General Internal Medicine Statewide Preceptorship Program Decade of Service Award honors highly active and dedicated preceptors who have taught medical students in their practices for the past ten years. The award is presented to preceptors who have served as mentors to students for at least seven of those years. We thank these devoted preceptors for the time, knowledge, and energy they have unselfishly given to the future physicians of Texas.

Michael T. Balch, MD

Dr. Balch has practiced in the Lubbock area for twenty-five years. He has taught ten GIMSPP students since joining the program in 1996. His students wrote of him:

"From the first day, I knew it was going to be a wonderful experience. Dr. Balch is very good at teaching, guiding, and in general a wonderful person to be around."

"Dr. Balch is a kind and compassionate physician with a great relationship with both his staff and patients. As a preceptor, he is very knowledgeable about both the scientific and practical aspects of medicine, and incorporates them into his teaching style."

"It was most interesting to me to experience the depth to which Dr. Balch explored all aspects of his patients in order to effectively treat them."

He completed medical school and did his residency at The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston.


Kendra L. Belfi, MD, FACP

Kendra L. Belfi, MD, FACP

Dr. Belfi joined the GIMSPP in 1994 and has served as preceptor to nine students. She has practiced in Fort Worth for the past 30 years and specialized in Geriatrics since 1990. Dr. Belfi has been active on TMA committees, Tarrant County Academy of Medicine Ethics Consortium, and the Texas Society of Internal Medicine’s Board of Directors. She has received numerous honors for her advocacy and end of life care. Some of her students commented:

"I was extremely impressed and greatly enjoyed this experience with Dr. Belfi."

"Wonderful experience—her community involvement taught me the most about physicians’ roles in the community."

"My preceptorship experience was absolutely fantastic."

"Dr. Belfi is an amazing doctor and teacher."

She graduated from The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas and did her residency at the Dallas V.A. and Parkland Memorial Hospitals.


Mark L. Ginnings, MD

Mark L. Ginnings, MD

Dr. Ginnings is in solo practice in Denton where he has been for sixteen years. He has mentored eight students since becoming a GIMSPP preceptor in 1997. Some quotes from his students are:

"Dr. Ginnings was very encouraging to me. I could not have anticipated a better experience!"

"No student would be disappointed with my preceptor. My motivation and excitement towards medicine has never been greater."

"This was the best experience of my first year. Dr. Ginnings made it the best three weeks possible."

Dr. Ginnings graduated from The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston and did his post-graduate training at the University of Oklahoma Health Science Center.


Karen A. Hansen, MD

Karen A. Hansen, MD

Dr. Hansen completed medical school and residency at The University of Texas Medical Branch and has practiced in Galveston since 1992. She joined the GIMSPP in 1994 and has mentored twelve students during that time. Some of her students wrote in evaluation of her:

"I feel very fortunate to have had Dr. Hansen as a preceptor. I learned a lot and had fun as well."

"I really valued my experience and was happy to go to work every day. I felt like I could ask any question and not be embarrassed by my lack of knowledge."

"This was a wonderful experience for me. My outlook on medicine and patient care has been greatly expanded."

"Her feedback was wonderful."


Allan R. Kelly, MD

Allan R. Kelly, MD

Since joining the GIMSPP in 1994, Dr. Kelly has taught fourteen students for the program. He has been in practice in Fort Worth for the past twenty-two years. His students write of him:

"I really enjoyed this program and am eternally grateful for the knowledge and confidence that Dr. Kelly freely gave to me. I now know what I should strive for in my career as a physician."

"This was the best medical experience of my life thus far. I am sad that it is over, but I’m highly motivated to continue my medical education. Thanks again for a life changing experience."

"Dr. Kelly inspired me on many different levels: concern for patients, staying current on journals, a wonderful staff, and the importance/running of fair business practices."

"During the whole experience, I felt as though I was a doctor working alongside Dr. Kelly which was a great feeling."

Dr. Kelly graduated from The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, did his residency at Ohio State University, and completed an infectious diseases fellowship at Baylor in Dallas.


Gnanasumathi R. Naini, MD

Gnanasumathi R. Naini, MD

Dr. Naini has mentored eight students since becoming a preceptor for the GIMSPP in 1997. After completing medical school at Osmania Medical College in Hyderabad, India, she did her residency at Coney Island Hospital in Brooklyn, New York. She has practiced in Plano for seventeen years and specializes in Geriatrics. Dr. Naini’s students wrote on their evaluations of her:

"Dr. Naini was an excellent preceptor. She helped me to understand the processes and mechanisms of common diseases that affected the patients we encountered. She also had a good rapport with her patients and served as a fine example for conducting patient interviews."

"What I learned through my experiences with Dr. Naini is invaluable to helping me become a dedicated caring physician, such as herself."

"I had a really great experience, and I’m sure the cases I’ve seen will stick with me forever."

"Dr. Naini was an excellent teacher in so many ways. Not only did she take the time to explain what was going on with each patient, but she stimulated me to think about the medicine behind each case. She was simply an inspiration."


Steve Rosenbaum, MD

Steve Rosenbaum, MD

Dr. Rosenbaum has been in private practice in Houston for the past 27 years and is now the medical director of the general internal medicine outpatient clinic at Baylor College of Medicine. He became a GIMSPP preceptor in 1997 and has taught eleven students during that time. Quotes from his students state:

"Dr. Rosenbaum was a wonderful preceptor and served as a great role model for where I want to be. "

"This preceptorship was one of the best experiences I have ever had. It served to reinforce the basic science education I have received and I would recommend it to all first year medical students. "

"Dr. Rosenbaum is a very good doctor and teacher. The environment of his office allowed me to see many procedures. "

After graduating from The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, he did his residency at The University of Texas-Houston Health Science Center.


Patricia D. Salvato, MD

Patricia D. Salvato, MD

Dr. Salvato has practiced in Houston for the past 22 years. Since joining the GIMSPP in 1995, she has served as preceptor to ten students. Her students have written of her:

"Dr. Salvato is an excellent preceptor to have. She is a brilliant woman, and I’m glad I could spend time with her."

"Dr. Salvato is both an excellent physician and dedicated teacher. I learned a great deal from working with her and her staff. I would highly recommend the doctor to both patients and medical students."

"It was the most interesting, real-world experience I could have asked for. It has further sparked my interest in medicine and has given me extra motivation to carry with me throughout my next three years of medical school."

Dr. Salvato graduated from and did her residency at The University of Texas-Houston Health Science Center. She is an HIV specialist and advocate for AIDS patients.


Arash Tirandaz, MD, FACP

Arash Tirandaz, MD, FACP

Dr. Tirandaz has been a dedicated preceptor to sixteen GIMSPP students since 1997. He has practiced in Plano for the past ten years. Dr. Tirandaz’s students wrote of him:

"The preceptorship was amazing. More than anything I was able to observe his patient interactions which made me feel much more comfortable when I was with the patients alone."

"This experience has blown me away. I came home from 10 to 13 hour days in the best mood, completely gung ho about my future profession, and amazed at how someone I’ve only known for a month could have impacted me in such a way."

"Dr. Tirandaz is an excellent teacher and I greatly enjoyed working with him this past month. My interest in general internal medicine has been greatly increased because of my experiences."

Dr. Tirandaz graduated from The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston and did his residency at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. He served on TAIM’s Board of Directors from 2002 to 2005. He is currently the Dallas County Medical Society delegate to the Texas Medical Association House of Delegates, and has served on numerous committees of the Dallas CMS. He is currently Chair of the Department of Internal Medicine at Presbyterian Hospital of Plano and Chair of the IM Peer Review Committee.


William E. Tompkins, MD, FACP

William E. Tompkins, MD, FACP

Since becoming a preceptor in 1997, Dr. Tompkins has mentored eleven students. He has practiced in Tomball for nearly thirty years and sub-specializes in Geriatrics. Some of his students wrote of him:

"Dr. Tompkins is a great doctor to work with. He really takes the time to explain everything and answer any questions."

"Dr. Tompkins is an amazingly caring physician. He interacts wonderfully with all of his patients providing them each with the care you would wish for a loved one."

"I am very happy I took this opportunity and was matched with such a great physician!"

"He is a model physician whose efforts are thoroughly appreciated by his patients."

Dr. Tompkins graduated from Northwestern University Medical School in Chicago and did his residency at Presbyterian-St. Luke’s Medical Center, Rush University Medical College in Chicago. He is Chair of the Department of Medicine for Tomball Regional Medical Center. Dr. Tompkins was given the "Top Doc" award by UTMB in 2003.


Stephen S. Tseng, MD

Dr. Tseng joined the GIMSPP in 1996. During that time he has taught ten students. He has been in solo practice in Bryan for the past twenty-one years. His students wrote in their evaluations of him:

"Working with Dr. Tseng for four weeks greatly increased my interest in internal medicine. He is an amazing physician and teacher."

"Dr. Tseng was awesome to work with and around. In every situation he made an effort to teach me something new about medicine and to reinforce the material from the previous year. He also made a point to push me beyond my comfort zone and really stretch me out a little bit."

"Great preceptor. I enjoyed it and it strengthened my thoughts toward internal medicine."

Dr. Tseng graduated from The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas and completed his residency at The University of Texas-Houston Health Science Center.


Larry A. Warmoth, MD

Larry A. Warmoth, MD

Dr. Warmoth has practiced in Lubbock since 1996. He joined the GIMSPP faculty soon after opening his practice and has mentored eight students for the program. During that time, he also completed a Nephrology fellowship. Dr. Warmoth’s students wrote of him:

"Dr. Warmoth went out of his way every day to make sure that I understood the cases we saw. He was very generous with his time and energy, and I now feel much more confident in my medical knowledge and abilities."

"Dr. Warmoth was an excellent preceptor. He is a great teacher who has a wonderful enthusiasm for practicing medicine."

"Dr. Warmoth was a wonderful preceptor. His supreme caring and ‘bedside’ manner with the patients, along with his expertise in medicine make him one of the best doctors I have ever seen. He is extremely open to students."

He graduated from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and did his post-graduate training at the University of Arizona. Dr. Warmoth remains active in the Texas Air National Guard.


Frederick M. Zaunbrecher, MD, FACP

Frederick M. Zaunbrecher, MD,

Dr. Zaunbrecher was instrumental in founding the GIMSPP in 1992. He has served as preceptor to twelve students during that time. He has practiced in Galveston for the past twenty-nine years. Some of his students commented:

"Dr. Zaunbrecher invited me to join him in volunteer work in the community. The experience was extremely rewarding. It demonstrated to me what valuable assets physicians are in the community."

"The preceptorship was a really rewarding experience with the guidance of a great mentor and clinic staff."

"Dr Zaunbrecher was always willing to spend time teaching and answering questions. I saw all aspects of his practice from rounds to Society dinners."

Dr. Zaunbrecher completed medical school and did his residency at Louisiana State University in New Orleans. He did a pulmonary fellowship at The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. He is assistant professor at UTMB. In 2002, Dr. Zaunbrecher was honored with TAIM’s Volunteerism and Community Service Award for his work with The Luke Society Clinic for the Homeless.

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