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The General Internal Medicine Statewide Preceptorship Program Decade of Service Award honors highly active and dedicated preceptors who have taught medical students in their practices for the past ten years. The award is presented this year to twelve preceptors who have served as mentors to students for at least seven of those years.

It is with genuine pleasure that this year, the Texas Chapter presents the GIMSPP Decade of Service Award to Ambrose Aboud, MD, FACP; Mark L. Bing, MD, FACP; George G. Burnazian, MD; Nalini M. Dave, MD; Alan G. Kaye, MD; Caroline N. Mbogua, MD; Thuan K. Nguyen, MD; James E. Race, MD; Edward R. Sargent, MD, FACP; Randlow Smith, Jr., MD, FACP; Tuyen V. Tran, MD, FACP; and Trevor H. Turner, MD.

Ambrose Aboud, MD, FACP

Ambrose Aboud, MD, FACP

Dr. Aboud has practiced in El Paso for the past twenty-four years. He has taught eleven medical students for the GIMSPP since joining the program in 1998. His students have written of him:

“Dr. Aboud was a wonderful teacher. He is extremely capable of balancing the pressures imposed upon him in all aspects of healthcare. Moreover, I believe he is a very worthy candidate for preceptor of the year.”

“He is an amazing physician. I learned more than I could have ever imagined and I know that this knowledge will help me stand out during the clinical years.”

“He goes the extra mile to explain cases and encourages questions.”

Dr. Aboud graduated from the University of Dublin, did his residency at Our Lady’s Hospital & Mater Misericordiae, Dublin, and completed a Fellowship in Oncology/Hematology at MD Anderson Cancer Center.


Mark L. Bing, MD, FACP

Mark L. Bing, MD, ACP Member

Dr. Bing practices in a multispecialty group in Katy. He joined the GIMSPP in 1998 and has been a preceptor to eight students during that time. He graduated from Facul de Cienas Medical University de San Carlos in Guatemala and completed his residency at Marshall University, Huntington, West Virginia. Some quotes from Dr. Bing’s students include:

“Dr. Bing was a wonderful preceptor! His involvement in the community and his character are amazing.”

“He has a great teaching technique no matter the student’s level of knowledge. He is very easy to talk with and simply listen to and learn from.”

“Dr. Bing was very receptive to all questions that I asked. He also gave demonstrations on good physical exam techniques. He would have me listen to all his patients’ hearts and would explain and identify any abnormalities so I could gain experience.”


George G. Burnazian, MD, ACP member

George G. Burnazian, MD

Dr. Burnazian has a solo practice in Houston where he has been for the past thirty-one years. He has taught fifteen students since he became a preceptor in 1999. Some of his many students have written of him:

“Dr. Burnazian is an excellent teacher who provides a low stress, open teaching environment with ample time for practicing interviewing skills.”

“He is extremely knowledgeable ... moreover, he exudes outstanding interpersonal skills which I want to emulate when I practice medicine in the near future.”

“Dr. B. is a wonderful teacher, and he taught me to think my way through problems so I can make accurate diagnoses. I could not ask for a better mentor.”

Dr. Burnazian graduated from UT–Houston Health Science Center and did his residency at Beth Israel in New York City. He completed an Infectious Diseases Fellowship at UT–Houston HSC.


Nalini M. Dave, MD

Nalini M. Dave, MD

Dr. Dave became a preceptor for the GIMSPP in 1998. She has mentored nine students. She attended Maulana Azad Medical College at Delhi University in India and completed her residency at the University of Indiana in Indianapolis. She has a solo practice in Bryan and has taught clinical medicine for Texas A&M University Health Science Center for nearly twenty-five years. Quotes from her students state:

“Dr. Dave was very generous with her time and practice. She shared with me continually and set a wonderful example of the doctor-patient relationship.”

“Dr. Dave is an amazing preceptor, physician and friend. She made my experience invaluable in an array of ways.”

“My preceptor was very patient with me. I couldn’t have asked for anything better than this.”


Alan G. Kaye, MD, ACP member

Allan G. Kaye, MD

Dr. Kaye, a native of Louisiana, has lived in Texas almost his entire life. A graduate of Tulane University and University of Texas Medical Branch, he has been proud to provide comprehensive care to his patients, both in the office and hospital, for over twelve years. An active medical leader at Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas, Dr. Kaye serves on multiple hospital committees. He has mentored fourteen students since becoming a GIMSPP preceptor in 1999. His students have written of him:

“Every moment from this preceptorship has been valuable. I am now deeply interested in pursuing IM where I never had such an interest before.”

“Dr. Kaye was a great teacher and he really taught me more than just the medicine about being a doctor.”

“He practices medicine with wisdom, compassion, honesty and kindness. I am thankful for having found an excellent teacher and role model.”

“Hearing from his patients and witnessing it myself, Dr. Kaye is a wonderful doctor who takes the time to listen to his patients.”


Caroline N. Mbogua, MD

Caroline N. Mbogua, MD

Dr. Mbogua has a solo Med-Peds practice in Houston where she has practiced for fifteen years. She has taught eleven students since 1999. Dr. Mbogua graduated from Howard University College of Medicine in D.C. and did her residencies in Pediatrics and Internal Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine. Some of her students commented:

“Dr. Mbogua presented a complete picture of how her practice works and a wonderful overview of all internal medicine has to offer. She allowed me to do many things alone and then corrected my technique and presentation skills.”

“Dr. Mbogua was a wonderful preceptor. She really made an effort to involve me in her practice -- to have me interact directly with patients, and to explain things to me when she interacted with patients.”

“I was able to greatly improve my history taking and physical exam skills as well as begin the process of formulating diagnoses and treatment possibilities.”


Thuan K. Nguyen, MD, ACP member

Thuan K. Nguyen, MD

Dr. Nguyen has been a preceptor to thirteen students since 1999 when he joined the GIMSPP. He completed both medical school and residency at the University of Texas-Houston Health Science Center and has practiced in Houston for the past twelve years. His students wrote of him:

“I enjoyed my time with my preceptor very much. I feel like I learned a lot, especially about what it means to be a physician on a day-to-day basis.”

“Dr. Nguyen was an excellent preceptor ... and I could ask him anything, he gave honest answers.”

“Dr. Nguyen was a great preceptor.”


James E. Race, MD

James E. Race, MD

Dr. Race has taught nine students since becoming a preceptor in 1994. His students have said of him:

“I see Dr. Race as an incredible person who deserves thanks for his selfless work in an area underserved and underfinanced in the Dallas medical community.”

“Dr. Race is a great mentor and teacher.”

“This has been an exceptional learning experience.”

“The advice and knowledge I gained from Dr. Race will take me far in my career.”

Dr. Race graduated from Meharry Medical College in Nashville and completed his residency at Western Reserve Care System in Youngstown, Ohio. He has practiced in Dallas since 1988.


Edward R. Sargent, MD, FACP

Edward R. Sargent, MD, FACP

Dr. Sargent graduated from the Columbia School of Medicine at the University of Missouri and completed his residency at UT Health Science Center at San Antonio. He has practiced in that community for twenty-five years. He has taught eight GIMSPP students since 1997. Dr. Sargent’s students have written:

“Dr. Sargent went out of his way to make my preceptorship very memorable and worthwhile. It did not take me long to understand why his patients keep coming back and why he is so successful.”

“I really enjoyed working with Dr. Sargent. For the first time in my medical career, I felt like I was accepted and welcomed as a colleague by other doctors, and that in itself was awesome!”

“Dr. Sargent is a highly competent physician and caring mentor.”


Randlow Smith, Jr., MD, FACP

Randlow Smith Jr., MD, FACP

Dr. Smith is in a multi-specialty group in downtown Dallas. He attended medical school at UT Southwestern, did his residency at Baylor University Medical Center and has practiced in Dallas for the past twenty-nine years. Dr. Smith has served as preceptor to eight students since 1999. Quotes from his students include:

“Dr. Smith was open to discussions with me regarding any subject.”

“I feel more prepared and comfortable in being around actual patients. It was a pleasure shadowing Dr. Smith and his practice reflected very highly on internists.”

“He was patient in allowing me to learn components of the physical exam. I enjoyed getting the chance to see what internal medicine is all about.”


Tuyen V. Tran, MD, FACP

Tuyen V. Tran, MD, FACP

Dr. Tran joined the GIMSPP in 1999 and has mentored seventeen medical students during that time. Some of his students commented:

“This preceptorship was the most fun I have had since I started medical school. I really admire the amount of knowledge Dr. Tran has, and I hope I can be like that one day.”

“Dr. Tran has an incredible knowledge base and was very patient when mine came up short.”

“My preceptor was wonderful and the experience that I received was remarkable.”

“Dr. Tran was thoughtful, considerate, and a great joy to work with the entire time.”

Dr. Tran is a hospitalist who has practiced in Houston the past fifteen years. He graduated from UTMB and completed his residency at the University of Kansas Medical School in Kansas City, KS.


Trevor H. Turner, MD, ACP member

Trevor H. Turner, MD

Dr. Turner practices in a multispecialty group in Round Rock; he has been in the community since 1998. His practice is evenly split between internal medicine and pediatrics. He has been a GIMSPP preceptor since 1999 and has taught fourteen students for the program. Some of his students wrote in their evaluations of him:

“Throughout this preceptorship I have heard numerous times from various people that he is one of the best teachers to work with. I feel blessed to shadow such a passionate doctor who is kind to his patients, staff, and especially to me.”

“Dr. Turner’s positive attitude and easy going nature makes it easy to ask questions and learn more.”

“Dr. Turner was extremely helpful and insightful. He loves to teach.”

Dr. Turner completed both medical school and residency at UT–Houston Health Science Center.

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