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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the GIMSPP?

A: GIMSPP stands for General Internal Medicine Statewide Preceptorship Program. The GIMSPP places students with internists across the state for three- or four-week preceptorships during the student's summer break. Students from all Texas medical schools participate - most are first and second year students. Third and fourth year students are also eligible so if you are interested, please submit an application.


Q: How can students apply for the GIMSPP?

A: The student application can be found online at


Q: Will I get paid to participate?

A: Funding was returned and stipends are now available to offset living expenses during your preceptorship rotation.  Stipends range from $3,000 for 4 weeks in an urban area, to $5,000 for four weeks in a rural or underserved area. Preceptorships shorter than 4 weeks receive a pro-rated stipend. Stipends and matches are based on availability and students are notified with their match information if they will receive a stipend. Students will submit W-9 Forms for stipends and will be issued a 1099-MISC Form for tax purposes.  

GIMSPP Stipend Eligibility

Stipends are based on availability and paid out for a maximum of four-weeks per student enrolled in the Statewide Preceptorship Program. If you have received a full stipend previously for participation in the program or anticipate receiving a full stipend from another Statewide Preceptorship Program, you will not be eligible in 2018 to receive additional funding from GIMSPP. If you are planning to participate in more than one Preceptorship Program, stipends are available for a maximum of four weeks combined. You will need to notify our office of your intent to participate in more than one program. We believe each student interested in the field of primary care should be given equal opportunity to participate in the program and receive a stipend to help offset living expenses and applicable incurred costs during your match.  


Q: Do I have to find my own preceptor?

A: No - but it is encouraged.  If you know someone you want to work with, simply let the office know and we can match you through our program.


Q: Will I receive school credit for a GIMSPP preceptorship?

A: Some schools do give credit as an elective for a four-week rotation. Some give transcript credit for four-week preceptorships. To see if your school qualifies, please contact your program's administrative office before starting your preceptorship.


Q: What cities can I complete my preceptorship in to receive the higher stipend amount? 

A: GIMSPP offers a higher stipend amount to students that complete their preceptorship program in a Medically Underserved Area (MUAs), a Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSAs), or in a Rural county that is classified as nonmetro with population under 125,000.

Stipend information:
•    $3,000 for four (4) weeks in an urban area
•    $5,000 for four (4) weeks in HPSA/MUA, or Rural area, or any combination thereof
Preceptorships shorter than four (4) weeks receive a pro-rated stipend.

A Medically Underserved Area is defined as an area or population designated by the HRSA as having: too few primary care providers, high infant mortality, high poverty and/ or high elderly population. More information on MUAs can be found here.

A Health Professional Shortage Area is an area that is designated as having a physician shortage based on the ratio of providers to population. To review the requirements of HPSA designations you can visit this page.

To determine if your preceptorship qualifies as a MUA/HPSA or Rural area, follow the steps.

  • Rural – Select the 2013 Rural-Urban Continuum Codes data set

Step 1: Determine the preceptor’s county
Step 2: County contains a population of less than 125,000 to qualify for the Rural Stipend (Section 487.751, Government Code, Texas Legislative Council, July 2016)
As a reminder, stipends will be paid upon completion of your preceptorship.  Students must complete the required evaluation form and W-9 in order for the stipend to be processed.  Students who receive stipends will be issued a 1099-MISC Form for Tax Purposes.


Q: How can students join TXACP?

A: You must be a member of American College of Physicians to become a member of the Texas Chapter of the ACP. Medical students and Residents memberships are available. Click here to find out more.


Welcome to the first step in your General Internal Medicine Statewide Preceptorship Program (GIMSPP) experience. This program is designed to enable you to garner real life experience working along side a knowledgeable and skillful Internist in a community setting, away from the medical center. Ideally, this experience will afford you the chance to explore what being a practicing internist involves, and to apply a "hands on" approach to learning to enhance your classroom instruction.

During this preceptorship you will work on developing your skills at history taking, physical examination, early diagnosis, and treatment plan formulation, among others. By working with your assigned physician, you will gain insight into the rewards of a practice in Internal Medicine and observe how a clinician functions as a member of his or her medical and non-medical community.

We have carefully designed an online orientation to help you understand and prepare you for a successful experience. We hope that you find it helpful and welcome any feedback.

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